Evergreen Shooting Club


Get a membership without leaving home

In order to process your request, we will require 3 items listed below returned to us by email at admin@ mulliganregistries.com.

1. Complete the attached application at the bottom of the page which can be done one of two ways.

- This is a pdf fillable document in which you can open and complete. Upon completion use the save as function and save it to your desktop and then attach it to your email

- Alternatively, you can print the application and fill it out by hand. Once complete you would need to scan the application and attach it to your email.

2. Take a photo on a plain white background and attach it to your email.

3. Record your phone number on the return email so we can contact you for your credit card information. The price for the membership is $135.00 for a single and $15.00 for each family member that you would like to add to your membership. 

There is an additional 3% charge added by the credit card provider that we as an Alberta Registry office is authorized to use.

Upon receipt of all of the above-mentioned requirements, we will process your application and mail you the membership card and key to access the range. 

Thank you and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Internet Evergreen (pdf)